AMS Fulfillment: Supporting the Autism Community - August 31, 2021. 

AAMS Fulfillment has a long history of supporting community organizations and hiring individuals with disabilities. Looking back into the company’s history we see a news report from October 20, 2011 talking about a community partnership with an organization that serves adults with cognitive disabilities. The AMS workforce story goes on, over the years, as the company built a highly valued, strong, well-trained, diverse workforce while serving organizations and individuals in the community who experience difficulties entering the workforce. This is the AMS culture, developed over many years. So, when AMS sees an opportunity to assist directly through donating and fundraising, they are quick to step forward. A friend and associate of AMS Fulfillment has brought to their attention an exciting “go fund me” project that is helping the local Autism community in a meaningful way. This fundraising opportunity creates a means for individuals on the Spectrum to promote their artistic talents.Regarding the project, Jay Catlin said, “We are so happy to support the BUGALU CAFÉ! It’s a great idea!” Bugalu Café is a streaming platform offering classes and a marketplace for artists in the Autism community to sell their products. AMS’ Chief Workforce Development Officer, Ken Wiseman, has worked directly with the community for years. Ken said, “This is such a beneficial idea and we’re happy to support it and to share the information. We’ll spread the word!”Here below is a brief description of what this organization is doing:Helping the Autism Community find their Talents“The Autistic Community is an amazing population of Artists. Most programs available to this population miss out on a core truth….this group of individuals are fantastic artists! We need your help to support our ground-breaking interactive online platform BUGALU CAFE.“In our over-a-decade of experience, we have seen the outstanding artistic abilities of individuals on the Spectrum. This is why we created BUGALU CAFE ( a streaming platform to help people find their special talent and achieve their greatness! We offer multiple daily classes to create a finished work of art, guidance on how to promote and sell that finished work of art, a marketplace for these artists to immediately sell their products to find their independence, and a closed social network to enable safe interaction with each other.”